A very cool plugin for Eclipse: Mylyn

I installed Eclipse 3.4 on my laptop to look into Google Web Toolkit 1.6 and Google App Engine, which should make making web applications a breeze. Watch the campfire videos about this on YouTube.

While I installed Eclipse I saw something called Mylyn. It’s really cool plugin which can improve productivity of programmers. Basically it adds a very clever task management interface to Eclipse. It automagically optimizes the user interface for the task or bug you are working on. This way you are not distracted by other clutter in the interface. Furthermore for every task it remembers the state of the interface so if you are working on task A and change to working on task B the moment you switch back to working on task A the interface changes to how you left it.

Furthermore it integrates very nicely with a whole bunch of other tools such as SVN, Bugzilla, Mantis, JIRA etc. etc. If you want to know more I recommend that you watch a webinar given by Mik Kersten the maintainer of Mylyn. Another good talk about software productivity from Mik you can watch here

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