The GNOME Amazon Store / Friends of GNOME

In the past couple of months I’ve been working on improving the Friends of GNOME website.


First I made a page with support badges which you can put on your blog or website to drive your visitors to the donation page of Friends of GNOME. Below there is an example of one of the badges

Become a Friend of GNOME

Copy and paste this code for the image above:

GNOME Amazon Store

After that I started working on the GNOME Amazon Store.

gnome-amazonWhen you make your Amazon purchases at this store the GNOME Foundation will receive a referral fee which amounts to 4-6% of the total purchase you make. Depending on where you live you can use the US, Canada, Germany, France, Japan or UK store.

Search Plugin

To make it even easier each of this store also has a Browser Search Plugin. If you click on the “Install Search Plugin” link you get a search plugin added to the search box on the top right of your browser. If you use that search plugin to find your product at the Amazon store the GNOME Foundation will also receive a referral fee.

Firefox Add-on

I’ve also made a Firefox addon (based on iHeartMiro) which automatically adds the Friend of GNOME affiliate code when you click on an Amazon product link or visit However it will not change any affiliate code if it already exists because that is in violation with the Operating Agreement of Amazon Affiliates. So if you want to be sure that the GNOME Foundation receives a referral fee please use Search Plugin or the GNOME Amazon store. But then again it doesn’t hurt to have the Firefox extension installed and you can also install it on computers of friends and family.

So go ahead and do your Amazon purchases at the GNOME Amazon Store!!!

If you have comments, remarks, ideas about the GNOME Amazon Store or know other ways that the GNOME Foundation can get money to support hackfests, conferences etc. join the discussion on the marketing-list


I removed the Firefox Addon. I was contacted by the people of iHeartMiro and they said that Amazon disabled their account because according to Amazon it violated their operating agreement.  So if you installed the Firefox addon please uninstall it. I’ve already removed it from