Killer feature: Instant wakeup from sleep

What I really like of a MacBook is that as soon as you open the lid of the laptop you can work immediately. The display is immediately on, the mouse immediately moves and you have a network connection. So you can immediately lookup this thing on the web that you wanted to lookup.

On a PC laptop (both under Windows and Linux) first your screen stays black for  a while, the mouse is frozen for some seconds and you need to wait until you get a network address. In the latest alpha of Ubuntu Karmic Koala the screen is turned on almost immediately but the mouse remains frozen but the mouse is frozen for approx. 5 seconds and also Network Manager needs 5-10 seconds to get an IP address.

Does anybody know how Apple does this? Is this just software or do they also use specific hardware for this?

How can we get this on the GNOME desktop?

I’ve added the idea for improving this to Ubuntu Brainstorm

I also added also a request to GNOME bugzilla for improving the speed for reconnecting of network manager