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Support GNOME by shopping at Amazon

Thursday, October 29th, 2009


Early September I announced the GNOME Amazon Store. If you buy the stuff you normally buy from Amazon from the GNOME Amazon store the GNOME Foundation receives as a referral fee 4-6% of what you bought from Amazon. So at no extra cost to you you are helping out GNOME

Since then the GNOME Foundation received the following referral fees.$3.88$0.00€3.39€0.68£0.00¥723

This totals to approximately 20$. I think it could be a lot higher if all Amazon purchases GNOMEys do would go via the GNOME Amazon shop. To make things really easy you can just install a search plugin in Firefox. It just works like the one that is shipped with Firefox with the only difference that the GNOME foundation receives a referral fee on everything you buy if you use the search plugin to enter the Amazon website.

Below and on you find the links to install the GNOME Amazon Search Plugin of your favorite Amazon store. NOTE the links below might not work if you read this post in an RSS reader, because it needs a javascript command to install the search plugin. Just install the search plugin by going to this post directly.

So to all your GNOMEys out there that buy stuff at Amazon please use the search plugins listed below to buy your stuff.


The Wikipedia in your pocket

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009


OpenMoko known from building the first fully open source phone now has launched a new device: the Wikireader. It has the Wikipedia contents stored in flash so it works everywhere. I like the simplicity of the device and the price is only 99$. The  doubt I have about the success of it is that more and more people have a phone with a browser and you don’t want to carry around even more devices. But there might be some niche applications where the Wikireader is a perfect fit.

Video of IREX e-book reader for Barnes and Noble Store

Saturday, October 10th, 2009

Got quite some pingbacks on my post from yesterday from Android sites who think that the reader of Barnes and Noble will be based on Android. I still think it’s going to be the GNOME based IREX reader. Especially if you read the press release of IREX

Below a video of the CEO or IREX showing of the their new reader at the Fox Business show.

Barnes and Noble Reader uses GNOME

Friday, October 9th, 2009


Above a picture of the new IREX DR800 which the e-reader that Barnes and Noble will bring to the market soon. The device is based on the more professional IREX DR1000 which runs Linux + a host of GNOME technologies (GTK+, dbus, etc. etc.).

You can write programs for these devices by installing the SDK. I’ve tried it a while ago and it works pretty nicely. I only find it a pity that IREX doesn’t advertise this at all at their main website. I strongly believe that IREX could build a vibrant developer community if they would market it a bit more. They probably have been really busy cranking out the IREX DR800 for Barnes and Noble.

Let’s hope the device does well and because of that a vibrant developer community will develop itself