Updated DictionarySearch and ReloadEvery for Firefox 3.6

I decided to put some time in updating my Firefox Extensions: DictionarySearch and ReloadEvery to make them compatible for the upcoming Firefox 3.6 release. For DictionarySearch I did not add any functionality but ReloadEvery got a “randomize” feature. That feature already has been requested for years, but I never came around to adding it.

With “randomize” enabled reloadevery will randomly reload the page somewhere between 50% earlier or 50% later. Hence if you specify to reload the page every 10 seconds and enable “randomize” it will reload somewhere between 5 and 15 seconds and it’ll change with every reload.

Hope you enjoy the extensions. They are not on addons.mozilla.org yet. Still waiting to be approved. So if you can’t wait get them from the DictionarySearch Website and ReloadEvery Website.

UPDATE: Reload Every 3.6.1 had a bug that it did not work for many locales. That’s fixed in version 3.6.2