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When I bought the domain in 2003 I decided to do this with because back then it was the cheapest hosting provider in the Netherlands. I haven’t had many issues with them but recently discovered that their bandwidth and storage limits are pretty limited: 2 euro (+19% VAT) per month for 200MB storage and 4GB monthly traffic. I was getting close to the 200MB limit and would need to go to their 400MB package for 4 euro (+19% VAT)

As I said in my blog about I bought that domain at I bought it there because google referred to GoDaddy to buy a domain. This was much cheaper than at 8.99$ per year vs 15 euro per year and a 10 euro setup fee (It also helps that the dollar is low compared to the euro). As I bought the domain on GoDaddy I also got an offer for hosting. 5.99$ a month + taxes for 100GB storage and 1.5TB of monthly traffic. I was planning on moving all my sites there but got frustrated on how slow the GoDaddy website and website admin sites are. Furthermore the websites are very user unfriendly.

Hence I did some web searching and discovered It’s consistently ranked as one of the top hosting providers in most of the rankings I found on the web and it’s very cheap

I now have:

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Storage
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Free domain name

And that for just $2.95 per month (taxes included) with a contract of 24 months. So for just 70$ I’m set for the next 2 years.

There is a slight trick to it to get this rate. You go to Be sure to select United States instead of Europe otherwise you pay the same amount euros as in dollars. Select the plan of 24 months. Fill in some of your contact details. When you have done that don’t order but load another web page by selecting a bookmark or so. At that moment you’ll get a popup with an offer for a 50% discount. If you accept that offer you’ll get to the $2.95 per month rate for 24 months.

Sofar I’m happy with They are very responsive to questions. Usually within 30 minutes you have a reply and there is also live chat help.

They use the popular cpanel interface which is a way more user friendly than the cluttered interface of GoDaddy. Only lame thing is that you cannot manage CNAME DNS entries yourself at You need to send them an email and then they change it. They did that within 30 minutes so that works for me.

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