The rise of Video Tutorials

For one of my websites I wanted to have a page as the homepage for my wordpress install instead of the blog. Hence I did a google search on “wordpress have page as homepage”. I clicked on the 3rd result called WordPress Tutorial – How to Make a Static Page Your Home Page because I thought that would give me what I was looking for. It sure did but I needed to watch a 10 minute video for it :-(. I should have picked the subpage of the second result Creating a Static Front Page « WordPress Codex that just had text explaining what I needed to do at it would cost me just 20 seconds. In this case there was still a text tutorial but I’ve googled in the past for other stuff and the only thing that came up were video tutorials.

So why o why do more and more people do video tutorials. Just because it’s hip to put videos on youtube? Some people claim that video tutorials are better for beginners. However if I had to watch for every setting of a program a 10 minute video I would get really frustrated as a beginner.

What’s your take on these video tutorials?