Nexus One could be more Environment Friendly

In order to reduce strain on the environment the European Union decided with the top 10 mobile phone manufactures to use a common charger (Press Release). Basically they decided to use a micro-USB for charging. Mobile phones only last 2-3 years on average however the chargers last much longer. By having a standard way of recharging you reuse your old charger.

However I have not seen mobile phone yet which doesn’t come with a charger. So actually we are still producing electronic waste which is not needed and we end up with loads of unused chargers.

When you buy the Nexus One it comes with a US charger and a USB cable. The charger has a fixed cable. If it would have a USB connector the charger one could have saved a cable. Further the charger could be more easily reused to charge devices with a mini USB connection.

When you buy a Nexus One from the UK Google automatically adds a UK charger for which pay an additional $19.95. So you even end up with two chargers in the end.

In my opinion Google should just ship a USB cable with the phone and make a charger optional. I’d prefer if Google in that case would offer an optional dual charger like depicted here on the left, because I would be able to use it charge two devices at once.

What’s your opinion should all devices that are charged by USB come without a charger by default?