Make a portable hotspot of your laptop: Connectify

Connectify Screenshot

Last week when I met a business partner he mentioned how cool Connectify is in case you are traveling. Basically it makes a full WiFi hotspot out of your laptop. Which is really handy and can save you quite some cash in case you are traveling and for example your hotel only has wired or paid internet and you have multiple WiFi devices with you (laptops, iPads, mobile phones etc.). Connectify even works if your laptop is connected via WiFi to the Internet as it uses Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter to use your WiFi card as a both a receiver and a hotspot at the same time.

Setting it up is also really simple. You basically fill in your SSID and password and click on “Start Hotspot”. The current stable version did not work for me because DHCP requests from my wireless devices were blocked by the Windows Firewall. After an email to their support I received advice to install their latest beta and that works like a charm.

What’s also pretty nifty is that you can see which devices are connected and you can block devices to connect to your hotspot.

Only disadvantage is that Connectify only works on Windows 7. I’d love to see this hotspot feature being added to GNOME Network Manager