A while a go I noticed a Flattr button on the blog of Seif Lofty. Out of curiosity I clicked on it and ended up on the Flattr website. Flattr is a micro donation service. You setup a monthly budget (minimal 2 euro) and that money is divided over all articles and things you Flattr. In the official Flattr video they use birthday cake as a nice metaphor.

Click here if you can’t see the video above

Flattr already seems to gain quite some momentum. E.g. when you google Flattr you get over 2M search results.

It’s funny to see that in a time where people like Rupert Murdoch are talking about pay walls because good news can’t be for free according to him something like Flattr is starting to catch on. Setting up pay walls for news will not be a success in my view, because there always will be a source where they get the same news for free.  I believe more in the model of Flattr where the content is free and people can make a donation. However I’m not sure if this would work Rupert Murdoch’s Times Online. Would somebody really consider donating money to Rupert Murdoch?

Flattr’ing GNOME

We could start adding Flattr buttons to the GNOME website or in About dialogs of applications such that people can show their appreciation of GNOME applications.  Thinkin about this a bit more the About dialog could also have a Paypal donation button. With these donations the GNOME foundation can fund hackfests and conferences.