The Purple Cow of GNOME

Several months ago I bought the book Small is the new Big by Seth Godin. The book is a collection of his best blog posts which you can read also read on his blog and got it’s title because of this post. I really became a big fan of his blog and books. On his blog Seth every day has new insights on how you need to market products and services. His post are fun to read and thought provoking. I definitely recommend subscribing to his blog.

Some of the concepts Seth is promoting are the following:

A product needs to be a purple cow. When you are driving and see black and white cows you won’t notice them. However if you all of sudden see a purple one you might stop because a purple cow is remarkable. When a product is remarkable it is worth talking about and it spreads. One of his earliest books The Purple Cow describes this.

Seth has the opinion that advertisement on TV and in newspapers don’t work anymore. Basically because there are many more choices we need to make and much more advertising than there used to be and we have less time that’s why we ignore most advertising. So instead of spending loads of money on advertising he advises to spend the money on making a remarkable product. However being remarkable is seen as risky by many (big) companies. So most companies choose to make average products and advertise them. However average products do not get noticed and talked about.

The Purple Cow of GNOME

After reading The Purple Cow it got me thinking what the Purple Cow of GNOME is? It certainly is a nice desktop environment (at least that is my opinion), but is it remarkable when you compare it to MacOS, Windows 7 or KDE? If GNOME is remarkable what is it then what is the remarkable thing?  Is that something that spreads? How can we make GNOME more remarkable?

Finally two nice videos of talks of Seth Godin

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