Remarkable Flight Entertainment Systems

Actually haven’t come across a remarkable flight entertainment system yet . The ones I’ve used on all the flights I have been on are always slow and have non intuitive user interface. A nice example is the KLM flight entertainment I had last week on a flight from Amsterdam to San Francisco. This deserves to be in the UI hall of shame

  1. Why oh why do I have to select between 3 versions of The Bounty Hunter why can’t I just select the movie and later on change audio or subtitles.
  2. Why is there Library I and Library II?
  3. Why do only some movies have the option to see a trailer?
  4. Why does the the system react so slow when you push a button.
  5. Why is the remote placed on the inside of the armrest? When I have the screen turned off it turns on again because I accidentally touch a button with my leg
  6. Why does KLM show a 30 second ad about their wonderful inflight system every time I turn on the system or watch a new movie? I just want to see the movie.

Leave a comment if you have come across remarkable flight entertainment systems.