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Getting close to $1000: GNONE Amazon Affiliate Fees November 2010

Monday, December 27th, 2010

gnome-amazon A bit later than usual (my son got born 🙂 and we moved to live in Chile in the past 5 weeks). Also good news for the affiliate fees as it topped again in November and we’re getting close to $1000 a month. In November the total was $977 helped by a significant increase by Banshee affiliate fees that reached $628.

Detailed overview of the November affiliate fees:

Graph below shows the history of the affiliate fees of the past year. Banshee now has a separate curve

Amazon in the meantime opened two other international stores in Italy and China. So there are more revenue opportunities out there.

Keep on spreading the plugins to friends and family

Below and in the GNOME Amazon Store you find the links to install the GNOME Amazon Search Plugin of your favorite Amazon store. NOTE the links below might not work if you read this post in an RSS reader, because it needs a javascript command to install the search plugin. Just install the search plugin by going to this post directly.



Epiphany/Google Chrome/Chromium

For epiphany use the following smart bookmarks. For Google Chrome/Chromium you can also use the URLs listed below to add a specific GNOME Amazon Search Engine