Chilean Driver Exam (Dokter Bibber, Ezeltje prik and more)

Today I tried to get my Chilean driver license. Exam was very funny

I had two play two games to see how my physical skills are. A kind of version of Dokter Bibber. (For the non Dutch here is a 20s video )  and a version of Ezeltje prik (An old Dutch game played at child parties where while blind folded you have to put a pin in a picture of a donkey)

Luckily as a kid I was brilliant at these games so I passed this part of test.  So then I had to go medical exam. Do you have any health problems? No? OK you passed the exam.

Then there was the theoretical part with some real gems

Two examples

1.  You are driving 65km/h when you unfortunately hit a pedestrian. At that speed

a)  for sure the pedestrian will have died
b)  it’s very probable the pedestrian will have died
c)  for sure the pedestrian will survive
d) it’s probable that the pedestrian survives

2.  Which of the following traits are typical for people that give in to pressure of a group

a)  In general they are not that self confident
b)  They are afraid that they will be laughed at by others from the group
c)  They have greater autonomy and will to defend their opinions.
d)  They are able to withstand jokes or being labeled as “cowards” or “bad person. ”
e)  They are very confident.

Miraculously  I also passed this theoretical test and could go for the practical part.

The instructor told me  I needed to hold the steering wheel with two hands because that is the law. After the test I could do what every I wanted.

Here’s a map of the trajectory I had to drive

According to google it’s about 2 minutes but I think it was a bit more because I had to wait quite a while for a traffic light.

So I passed all the tests but did not get my driver license because I did need to give them proof that I at least finished primary school. I brought my original university diploma but that didn’t work. It needed to be  a legalized  copy.

So I still need to go to the notary and  get the legalized copy of my diploma and then I’m good to go can legally drive around in this beautiful country. 🙂