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Stanford Artificial Intelligence Class (YouTube Playlists)

Saturday, July 14th, 2012

Update: Udacity now has the course videos in their curriculum. So just go and view them here.

Last year Stanford University, Peter Norvig and Sebastian Thrun had this great initiative to give an Artificial Intelligence course online. I didn’t follow the course back then but recently thought I’d check it out. There is a website with links to most of the videos (videos with answers to the questions are not there). As I wanted to watch the videos on my tablet the website was quite cumbersome. So I decided to make playlists of all the course videos. There were already some people having playlists of some units on YouTube but I couldn’t find anybody that had them all. I also found most of the answer and the exam videos on YouTube which are not shown at the AI class website

Below you can see the playlist of the first unit of the course:

The rest of the playlists of all the other units you can find on my YouTube Channel

Here’s a video where Peter Norvig explains at the TED conference the success of giving the course online.

Sebastian Thrun got so inspired by this that he gave up his job at Google and Stanford to start his own startup Udacity which basically will supply many more courses for free (they’ll make a bit of money if you want to have certification). Here’s an interesting interview with him in This Week in Startups where he explains it in more detail. Go to minute 4:00 to skip all the commercial announcements in this video. Udacity is really an amazing idea and has the potential to really disrupt education and make high quality university education available for everybody.