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Firefox 4.0 catching up to Google Chrome

Saturday, July 17th, 2010

I’ve installed the beta of Firefox 4.0 and have to say I really like it:

  • It feels a lot faster. And when the new javascript engine lands in september it should even be faster
  • The UI is cleaner, it has tabs on top (for now only on Windows, but Linux should be there in the next beta)

On Windows Firefox actually visually resembles Google Chrome quite a bit. Furthermore in following beta application specific tabs will be added. If Firefox continues like this it can maybe stop the fact that people leave Firefox now and start using Chrome because it’s faster.

DictionarySearch now Supports Thunderbird

Sunday, February 28th, 2010

I got several request to add support for Thunderbird to the DictionarySearch extension. So today I decided to finally do this. You can install version 3.6.2 with Thunderbird support from the DictionarySearch Homepage. It should show up on the mozilla addons site also as soon as it gets approved.

I’m always struggling on finding good documentation on how to do something in Firefox/Thunderbird extensions. In the end I usually end up downloading another extension and reading the source code to see how another extension author solved it. Like this time I downloaded the Image Zoom extension to see how you could have Thunderbird support

Does anybody know really good reference documentation on making these extensions?

Two things I’m looking for for ReloadEvery is to either add an icon to a tab or in the URL bar to show that ReloadEvery is enabled.

Bug Fix Release: ReloadEvery 3.6.2 Firefox Addon

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

I just released ReloadEvery 3.6.2. It’s a bugfix release. 3.6.1 did not work for many people using a locale other than English. This because I didn’t add the new string “Randomize” to all locales. Now I did with a bit of help of Google Translate. So I hope the translations are OK but at least the extension is working.

Actually I don’t like this behavior at all. This means every time I add a string somewhere I need to update all my locale files manually to add the new string. I support 13 locales at the moment but that could be potentially 100 if I’d receive many contributions. If the addon doesn’t find a certain string in a locale it should just take the English string.

Updated DictionarySearch and ReloadEvery for Firefox 3.6

Sunday, December 6th, 2009

I decided to put some time in updating my Firefox Extensions: DictionarySearch and ReloadEvery to make them compatible for the upcoming Firefox 3.6 release. For DictionarySearch I did not add any functionality but ReloadEvery got a “randomize” feature. That feature already has been requested for years, but I never came around to adding it.

With “randomize” enabled reloadevery will randomly reload the page somewhere between 50% earlier or 50% later. Hence if you specify to reload the page every 10 seconds and enable “randomize” it will reload somewhere between 5 and 15 seconds and it’ll change with every reload.

Hope you enjoy the extensions. They are not on yet. Still waiting to be approved. So if you can’t wait get them from the DictionarySearch Website and ReloadEvery Website.

UPDATE: Reload Every 3.6.1 had a bug that it did not work for many locales. That’s fixed in version 3.6.2